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I began diving in 1992 in my native state of Florida and quickly became obsessed; within 2 years, I was regularly immersed in the gorgeous, spring-fed cave systems of Central Florida.  Since then, I have completed thousands of recreational and technical dives in a wide variety of conditions.  

My individual photographic work has been widely published and recognized in a number of international underwater photography competitions.  However, I most often work as part of a team (Sallmon Marine Photography) with my husband, successful marine photographer and veteran diver Andy Sallmon.    With his background in marine biology and my own in veterinary medicine, we are uniquely qualified to recognize and understand marine life-related issues.  Together and separately, we have traveled to a variety of places on assignment, fulfilled difficult and unusual commercial requests, provided editorial and photographic content for  publication, taught seminars and classes, and led expeditions. I am a proud member of the Ocean Artists' Society.

Although I am lucky enough to visit exotic places several times a year, my very favorite place to dive is my current home, California.

Allison, a breast cancer survivor, is also the president and founder of Dive into the Pink, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that works to mobilize the dive community to raise funds for breast cancer research and patient support.

To find out more about Andy Sallmon, visit his website: www.seait.com

Selected Publications

(text plus images)

California Diver (print edition)

Regular contributor, 2010-2012

Scuba Diving

Top 100 Dive Sites (North America), January 2013

Drive and Dive: San Diego, America's Finest (Diving) City, June 2013

Reefs of Steel, Nov/Dec 2013

Is California Kelp Making a Comeback? Nov 2016

Liveaboard: Solomon Islands (Images only), May 2017

Drive and Dive: Los Angeles, March 2018

Getting Lucky (images only), November 2018

Diving the Solomon Islands aboard the Bilikiki, May 2019

About California Divers in Particular (online), September 2019

The Case of the Missing Metridiums, December 2019

The Mothers of Invention: a Brief History of the Evolution of Women's Dive Gear (online), July 2020

Sport Diver

The Prismatic Pull of Fiji , May 2015

Santa Barbara Island, Feb 2017

The Kaleidoscopic Blur of Tobago, May 2018

California Diving News

Going Pink in the Deep Blue: Scuba Divers Unite to Fund Breast Cancer Research, April 2016

The (Pink) Sky's the Limit: Divers Ramp Up the Effort to Fund Breast Cancer Research, June 2017

California Coaching: My Top 3 Lessons Learned During Local Dives, January 2020

Alert Diver

Philippines: Learning to Expect the Unexpected, Summer 2011

Cocos: The Pelagic Crossroads, Winter 2012

Tangling With the Kelp, Summer 2012

Yap: Spoiled for Choice in the Mantas' Realm, Winter 2013

Grenada: Seduced by the Caribbean's Spice Isle, Summer 2013

A Well-Rounded Strait: The Big and Small of Lembeh, Fall 2013

Southern California Strandings, Sea Lions in Crisis, Fall 2013

A Tale of Two Bays: Monterey and Carmel, Spring 2014

How to (Re)Build a Kelp Forest: Restoration of a Californian Icon, Spring 2014

Sweet As...New Zealand, Summer 2014

The Dark Side of the Sun: Working with the Most Powerful Light Source of All, Fall 2014

Santa Barbara: the Elusive Isle, Spring 2015

Tobago: Perfection in the Flow , Summer 2015

Florida's Manatees: The Status of a SymbolFall 2015

A Different Light: Using LED Lighting for Still Underwater Photography, Winter 2016

A Perfect Storm of Warm, Winter 2016

Curacao: An Island to Ourselves, Summer 2016

The Edge of the Boomerang, Fall 2016

A Salute to St. Eustatius, Spring 2017

The Good Fortune of San Miguel Island, Summer 2017

Palau: A Deluge of Life , Fall 2017

Pink, with Purpose , Fall 2017

Shooters - Andy Sallmon and Allison Vitsky Sallmon: A New Wave of Underwater Photographic Excellence (images only), Winter 2018

The Long Beach Oil Platforms: It's What's Underneath That Counts, Spring 2018

North Sulawesi Trifecta, Fall 2018

Melting Down: the Ongoing Mystery of Sea Star Wasting Disease, Fall 2018

The Far Reaches: Papua New Guinea, Winter 2019

Seeing Green: Wide-Angle Photography in Nutrient-Rich Environments, Spring 2019

Parting Shot: Repayment in Kind, Spring 2019

The Alluring Hues of French Polynesia, Fall 2019

Catalina Island: A Destination in Disguise, Spring 2020

Scuba Diver: Ocean Planet

California's Bounty: An Underwater Photographer's Guide to California, Issue 4, 2016, No. 8

Scuba Diver Australasia

Continuous Lighting for Underwater Photographers, Issue 7, 2013, No. 76

Scuba Diver Australasia: Through the Lens

Shooting Big in the Land of Small, Issue 8, 2012, No.4

California Pinnipeds (section of Leopards and Lions of the Sea), Issue 8, 2012, No.5

California Classic: Iconic Sites (and Sights) of Southern California, Issue 6, 2013, No 8.


Full Frame: Golden Opportunity


From the Field: Pure 36, April 2013

The X(X) Factor: Observations on Women in Underwater Imaging, March 2014

In Praise of Pink, September 2016

An Underwater Photographer's Guide to California, September 2016

Adapting to Change, October 2017

Better Together: Teamwork in Underwater Photography, September 2018

The Solomon Islands: Top Five Dive Sites for Underwater Photography, January 2020

Selected Sponsored Photography Seminars

Scuba Show, Long Beach, California, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.

DEMA Show (Imaging Resource Center), Las Vegas, NV and Orlando, FL, 2012, 2013, 2014,  2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.

SFO Dive Show (instructional seminars and evening presentation), Santa Clara, CA, 2019

Selected Awards and Honors

Our World Underwater 2009, Novice bronze

Festival Mondial de l'Image Sous-Marine 2009, Prix Jorge Albequerque

Underwater Images Competition 2010, Novice Wide Angle 1st place

NCUPS Sea Competition 2010, Advanced California 1st place

DEEP Indonesia 2010, Reefscapes honorable mention

Nature's Best Ocean Views Competition 2011, highly honored image

Windland Smith Rice 2011, Oceans category highly honored image

Sponsored Competitor, Picture Perfect Curacao, the North American Underwater Photographer of the Year Competition 2011

LAUPS International Photo Competition 2011, Cold Water 1st Place

LAUPS International Photo Competition 2011, Wide Angle 5th place

LAUPS International Photo Competition 2012, Cold Water 1st Place

Dive Photo Guide, Five Underwater Photographers to Keep an Eye On in 2013

Our World Underwater 2014, Wide Angle Unrestricted honorable mention

DEEP Indonesia 2014, Reefscapes gold

Windland Smith Rice 2014, Oceans category highly honored image

Underwater Photographer of the Year Competition 2015, International Wide Angle, Highly Commended Image

Nature's Best Ocean Views Competition 2016, 6th place

Windland Smith Rice 2016, Oceans category highly honored images (2); image selected for Smithsonian exhibition

DEEP Indonesia 2017, Reefscapes silver and bronze

Contact me at avitsky@gmail.com to license images or learn more about our capabilities.

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